Resume Building

Resume Tips for landing your next career

Making your resume, particularly from the start, might seem like an entire challenge on its own. Don’t let this become bigger than it really is. Building your resume ought to be quite simple. Start with your most current job and work your way backwards. Employers like to go through a chronological resume, one which tells us your history. Be sure to feature a section on your education and training, and any associations you may be a member of. If you have some volunteer work you would like to show off, include that too.

Composing a cover letter must be a standard procedure, and it should be personalized to the company you are applying to. List their company name and address in your letter and direct it to their HR Team or the specific Hiring Manger for the role. Name the specific job title you are applying to in place of referencing the open role.

Your cover letter does not have to be very long, however it should be neat and tidy, prepared in a way that conveys your attention to detail, and include information about the company that required you to look up. It is the first impression to what comes after.